QuickBooks crashes when opening and closing

QuickBooks is amazing accounting software for all industry. Many times the user is facing the issue with their software; one of the most common errors arises like as: QuickBooks Crashes When Opening.

Pursue to shut all open files at the same time can be one reason the software to crash. It may be the user is facing the issue by closing each open QuickBooks software. In this scenario, the user may select the X on the upper corner of the screen and make sure the application does not crash. If the software closing automatically without any error, it means the error has been fixed. If the still the issues are the same, the user can contact on QuickBooks Technical Support Number.

QuickBooks Crashes when opening: Causes

Quickbooks crashes when opening

Before the user starts to troubleshoot, let us give a little warning:

There are many other errors like QuickBooks com error crash issue and others which are of the same nature and you would need to tackle with them. If you face any issues then you can easily reach out to a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor by calling on the tollfree number above.

Errors like hey can hold back the desktop, which empowers the user can start the software without opening the company file. With this task, the user can know whether the issue lies within the program, data, user or system. The user needs to hold the Ctrl button and double select the QuickBooks software icon to begin the software. Due to network issues or due to damaged data the user may face the error.

How to resolve: QuickBooks keeps freezing issues?

If your QuickBooks freezes more often then the user can check for corrupted or damaged file by testing a sample company. Here is what you would need to do…

  1. Open the QuickBooks Software and open the sample company file.
  2. Tick on the open the sample file and select the first company file.
  3. Tick on the Edit menu and select Preferences. Here the user will see the Desktop view and choose my preference.
  4. Choose don’t save the Desktop on their desktop,
  5. Go into the file menu and choose the error company file.
  6. Shutdown the sample file and shut down the error company file.
  7. Close the company file.

QuickBooks: Remove Memorized Transactions:

Sometimes the user may face this error due to Memorized Transactions. In this condition, the user needs to close the QuickBooks and press the Window-D TO access the desktop. Right select the taskbar clock and select the Adjust time and date.

Here they need to change the year to one year prior and the steps to do just that includes:

  1. Again open the QuickBooks and open the company file.
  2. Tick on the lists menu and choose the Memorized Transaction List.
  3. Tick on the View menu and choose Re-sort List.
  4. Double tick the first transaction in the auto column.
  5. Choose each transaction with automatic entry setting.
  6. Tick on delete memorized transaction.
  7. Shutdown QuickBooks reset the data.
  8. After performing this task the user can restart he QuickBooks.

If the user has any functional or technical issue related to QuickBooks Crashes When It Is Closed report to Intuit technical Support for QuickBooks. This technical team has made a remarkable name in QuickBooks Consulting Company. The top technical certified QuickBooks experts who with their experience and knowledge accord right responsive and guidance support that takes their business to victorious avenues. To know more information they visit their official website or call us on – 1800-865-4183.

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