QuickBooks Add-Ons

If you are not finding everything you want in QuickBooks, then here are some of the best handy add-ons available.Your QuickBooks may work for you just fine as it is. In fact, it was basically designed to meet the requirements of the millions of SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) who want to manage and track their income and expenses, run the reports to gauge their financial health and to create records and transactions in quickbooks.

In that case, Intuit has partnered with other small business websites in order to provide add-ons that enhance the usefulness of QuickBooks in many areas such as accounts receivable/payable, inventory, and expense-tracking, etc. They integrate to share the data easily and do the extra work according to your requirement. Here are some of the best QuickBooks Add-ons to consider.

QuickBooks Support

1. Bill.com

Bill.com automates the processes of accounts payable as well as receivable. It supports the electronic billing & payment, and also multiple approval levels.

You can enter and pay the bills by using QuickBooks Online. And also you can send the invoices to the customers and receive the payments. However, by adding a connection to Bill.com, offers you more advanced options for the receivable and payable accounts. You can simply send your bills to Bill.com by emailing, scanning, faxing, or by just taking a picture via your smartphone.

The automation tools of the website turn them into the digital records and route them through your specified approvers. After the approval, they are paid electronically or by paper check. Invoices are just as easy to process as the customers can pay by using their credit card, PayPal, or by ACH. The mobile app of Bill.com makes it possible to keep up with the invoices and bills while you are out of your office.

2. Expensify

Are the employees of your company still paper-clipping the receipts to handwritten expense reports? And we all know that this method is unnecessarily so much time-consuming and also often inaccurate. Expensify is the platforms that solve both the problems. Your staff can take photos of the receipts just via their smartphones.

Then, Expensify will convert the expense information into the coded digital records and will submit them for the approval that is based on your company’s policies. And also, credit card purchases can be imported automatically.

All the data is synchronized with QuickBooks in real-time and will be coded to reflect your preference of QB’s expense accounts, customers/jobs, etc. Once you’ve approved a report, then you can have the money deposited in the bank account of the employee on the next day.

3. TSheets: Time Tracking

TSheets is the employee scheduling software that automates the tasks that QuickBooks doesn’t do. It helps in scheduling and remote time-tracking for the hourly employees. Your company’s staff no longer has to fill-in the paper timesheets. Instead, they can also track their hours and GPS location points from their smartphones.

While the Excel is certainly better for creating the schedules than the paper, and TSheets also takes over that task. After the approval of timesheets, then the information is sent over to QuickBooks, and that is ready to use in your payroll processing.

4. SOS Inventory

QuickBooks performs some basic tasks related to inventory management. You can create the records for items and can use them in transactions, and you can keep track the number of items in stock so that you know when to reorder or to have a sale.

You can create the sales orders, track the cost history as well as serial numbers, and the documents that are in work-in-progress (WIP). SOS Inventory also supports multiple locations and the entire process related to ship, pay etc.

5. Insightly CRM

You can create via customer records in QuickBooks and also document some of your interaction. But it doesn’t facilitate a true CRM (Customer Relationship Management) nor the project management.

It allows you to build exceptionally thorough the customer profiles so that you are able to view the social streams, email history, and any opportunities, events related to them. By its project management features, you are able to track by pipelines or the milestones, define contact roles and other custom fields, and can generate advanced project reporting.

Here, we’re not trying to sell you any applications here, as our only concern is that you’re getting as much out of your QuickBooks itself as much you can. We can steer you toward the add-on solutions if it seems necessary, but we’re glad to work with you on getting to know about your QuickBooks program better.

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