Features of ERPlite Pro software tool


ERPlite Pro is versatile and integrated manufacturing management system for different sizes of businesses. This manufacturing inventory solution, when integrated with your QuickBooks software, facilitates exclusively added benefits. Networks QuickBooks cloud hosting when integrated with ERPlite Pro, returns you massive advantages to generate more productivity. You do not need adding more skills to your knowledge for operating the tools and obtaining the benefits related to the same. Therefore, ERPlite Pro is more than just a manufacturing Quickbooks inventory tool and an add-on to improve usefulness of your accounting solution.


Features of ERPlite Pro software tool

Scheduling Of Orders

For easy open sales order, the software helps your accounting software (QuickBooks) scheduling planned orders and assembly build orders. In this way, it helps managing order, reducing complexity and maintaining pace in the business. The software also recommends purchase orders and manufacturing orders.

Inventory Tracking With Erplite

Your ERPlite integrated QuickBooks software program makes it quite easy tracking serial/lot numbers and warranty dates within no time and also with no difficulty. It makes cost-effective means of managing the whole tracking system for lot numbers. Multi location inventory tracking, order tracking, work orders etc. are some of the aspects to help a small business maintaining the benefits.

Cycle Counting or Inventory Adjustment

Cycle counting helps your business dramatically. Bring accurate inventory report throughout the year without keeping you wait till year end. ERPlite Pro integrated with your QuickBooks software offers greater flexibility, real-time inventory visibility, minimal interruption, saving of time and money. The act of cycle count can be performed without closing the day activities and fetching more genuine outcomes.

Complimentary Factor for Your MRP System

The software can be used as compliment for your existing MRP system, can run on Win PC, and includes easy to use features for improving overall functionality of integrated software package. The software is the best performing fast MRP for entire production program. Offers you configurable MSP based on require number of days, weeks and months.

Cloud Hosting Solution

Various cloud hosting companies offer cloud hosting alternative for your own windows server remote desktop services. Entire data with the software remains secured and can be synchronized without doubling the burden of data entry.

Reading/Printing of Barcode for the Reports

Partnumber and serial/lot numbers can be easily read by any of USB as well as by Bluetooth barcode reader. These barcodes are printable and can be sent along with reports of the clients. The software integrated with your QuickBooks, offers importability of data through any of wireless systems.

Bills of Materials (BOM)

The software is low-cost, easy-to-use inventory manager with multi level Bills of Material feature. This exclusive feature is generally found in large packages ERP packages. If looking for inventory manager with BOM capability without running costs of ERP/MRP system, go with the software which also includes highly useful features costing at very lower price.

Sales Quote with ERPlite Pro

The software provides a feature of sales quotes that are done with two different ways of either salable products or through configured products. This helps you setting up the sale of the product and helps the team to import the orders for fulfillment. This way, this integrated software with your QuickBooks solution offers your business added value and implication.

Benefits of ERPlite

  • Helps lowering inventory cost dramatically
  • Helps delivering the tasks on time without any shortage
  • Helps tracking inventory in multiple locations
  • Compete planning and scheduling for MRP production
  • Avails automated process of shipping
  • Includes simple menu, easy-to-access features and better functions
  • Enables feature of creating multi-level bills for all material
  • Easy customization, integration, barcode reading/writing, multi-currency

So, let your QuickBooks software generating more benefits to your business with exclusive ERPlite Pro solution. Contact us 1800-865-4183. for any query related with integration of your hosting and inventory manufacturing solution.

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