How can I resolve QuickBooks Error 1935?

QuickBooks, accounting software that is mostly used by small and medium-sized businesses and it is one of the most innovative products. QuickBooks is highly well-organized in taking care of all their bookkeeping related issues with ease. While working on this technical software the user may face little error like QuickBooks technical error 1935.

“In this article, we are going to discuss the causes and resolution of the error. If the customer wants to connect with us, they can call on QuickBooks Tech Support by Intuit.

Currently, QuickBooks is enriched with the needful features like recording, handling and tracking all.

  • Manage employee’s payrolls and more
  • Help prepare your taxes
  • Instantly create and send reports to be it to profit and loss reports, balance sheet reports etc,
  • Help you create and customize invoices
  • Cash flows, both in and out
  • Office expenses.

Error 1935

QuickBooks error 1935:

The user may often find being hit by the QuickBooks Errors like 1935, 15102, H202, 3371. Sometimes the customer can face this error due to technical knowledge. It is one of the errors that the customer sees during installation of QuickBooks. It is most common reasons of the error is the absence of the .NET

Framework file. An error message will be displayed on their system as:

  • QuickBooks error 1935: The setup required .NET framework.
  • QuickBooks error 1935: The error occurred during the installation of the assembly.

What are the causes of the QuickBooks error 1935?

There are multiple reasons that lead to QuickBooks error 1935. It is as follows:

  • Due to .NET Framework is not updated.
  • Their computer’s MS.NET Framework is not installed.
  • Corrupted MS Framework file.
  • Incomplete and corrupted installation of QuickBooks Files
  • Malware has infected your system, causing QuickBooks damage.
  • Virus and malware have infected their computer; it could be the reason behind the error.
  • By mistakenly the QuickBooks file has been deleted.
  • The computer may block due to registry fragmented and errors files.
  • QuickBooks Sync issue could be one reason for this error.

How can I resolve the QuickBooks error 1935?

Here we are offering some useful solution steps to resolve the error.

Resolution 1: MS.NET framework updating:

  • Visit the and select the .NET Framework.
  • Select the version of their choice.
  • The user needs to read out the computer requirements and verify if the customer meets them.
  • Select the language of their choice.
  • Tick on the download link.
  • The user needs to select the .exc file and start the downloading.
  • Click on the file and run the installer.
  • Now the user needs to follow the prompts and their .NET Framework will be downloading.
  • The user needs to restart their computer and their QuickBooks error must resolve.

Resolution 2: Corrupted file repairing:

  • If their .NET Framework is not running due to the corrupted file, the customer needs to repair
  • that immediately.
  • Download the Repair tool of QuickBooks and tick on the given link.
  • After downloading the .exc file and execute the file by double ticking on the system.
  • Restart their system and run their QuickBooks.

Resolution 3: Run QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool:

  • If the above resolution is not useful, they require running the diagnostic tool for QuickBooks
  • software. It will help and resolve the error.
  • The user needs to run the .exc file and follow the instructions.
  • If the customers are still facing the QuickBooks Error 1935 on their system, they can contact on

We are available for 24*7 for the support and we have the technical support team to handle the queries and concern of the customer. We will give an instant response to their customers with the satisfactory resolution. If the customer wants to get the alternative way to connect with us, @ 1800-865-4183 they can get the QuickBooks chat Service and E-mail support through our official websites.

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