Quickbooks cleanup utility

QuickBooks Clean Up Utility : 8 Major Effects Of Company Data

Functions of Clean Up Company Data Utility

  • Creating new general journal entries by month while selectively summarizing closed transactions and then deleting the summarized transactions.
  • Selectively removes unused list items, including accounts, vendors , customers, items, other names, and To Do notes

Achieved Goals:

  • Reducing the size of the company file thus improving performance.
  • Removed stale list items to increasing efficiency.
  • Minimize recording errors by reducing the chance of mapping a transaction to the wrong list item.

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Effects of Cleanup Utility

  1. Since the Transaction details from the cleaned up period do not exist in the company file (.qbw), so detail reports become unavailable for the cleaned up period.
  2. For the cleaned up period, summary reports and financial statements will be accurate to a given month but not to a small interval of time. This is because the clean-up process summarizes transactions with a monthly journal entry.
  3. After the first inventory item that can’t be cleaned up, the clean up of inventory items ends.
  4. Since detail transactions are needed to determine a transaction’s paid status, Cash basis reports will not be accurate for a cleaned up period.
  5. The information required to produce reports on sales tax liabilities are not deleted by QuickBooks. Hence, Sales tax reporting for the cleaned up period will be accurate.
  6. Only Estimates with a job status of Closed are deleted; Estimates with any other job status are preserved.
  7. No, matter whatever be the last date specified for the clean up, QuickBooks retains payroll transactions for both the current and previous years based on the current time setting of your computer’s clock.

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  1. You can optionally remove lists elements for 6 lists if they are not required in a transaction.

The principal trade-off is that detail history for the cleaned up period will not be available in your primary company file (.qbw). You’ll have to open an archive or a copy to review details from the cleaned up period or run reports that aren’t accurate for a cleaned up period, such as a cash basis report.

The Clean Up utility optionally can delete lists elements from 6 lists that are no longer used in a transaction. These lists are:

  • accounts
  • customers and Jobs
  • vendors
  • other names
  • Items
  • To Do notes
  • Classes

Each of the 6 lists can be cleaned up individually as shown in figure:

Source: Quickbooks chat Help Support Number. Contact No. 1800-865-4183

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