QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services

​QuickBooks hosting refers to the utilization of a licensed copy of the QuickBooks accounting software package on the third-party cloud servers that are managed, maintained, and run by cloud hosting suppliers. The user gets access to the application and also the information on the server via remote desktop. By hosting QB on a cloud platform, the user gets to access, edit, share and change the information on the accounting software through any device that has an internet connection and that too from anyplace in the world.

The cloud hosting provider for QuickBooks charges a flat fee from the user and therefore fee depends on the number of users chosen. QuickBooks cloud hosting works in a multi-tenant model and that’s why the value of hosted QuickBooks service is economical. When shifting to the cloud, the user gets identical UI as of the desktop installed QB and thus, there’s no ought to unlearn.

Why is Quickbooks Hosting Beneficial for Business?

QuickBooks cloud hosting may be a software, is designed by using manual facilitation and codes. At a similar time, it additionally works well to fix the problems that are quite disadvantageous for the corporate and its growth. HighnessCloud, being the simplest and most award-winning QuickBooks hosting provider company is always on its way to resolve such problems swiftly without any hassle.

Features of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services


The Downside Of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services

While QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services will provide some pretty huge advantages, we might be doing an extreme disservice by not pointing out that there are some drawbacks yet. It’s vital to weigh out these pros and cons carefully to see whether or not QuickBooks hosting makes sense for your business. Some drawbacks to think about include:

  • Hosting Is Expensive
  • Outages & Internet Dependency
  • UI Issues

QuickBooks Hosting Vs QuickBooks Online

Because each is accessed through the internet, it’s simple to assume they’re identical or very similar. However, they’re entirely different services.

QuickBooks Hosting permits you to access your QuickBooks desktop version software from a cloud server. All of your information files are safely kept and operated from the cloud server. By logging in with a unique username and password, it becomes possible to access your information remotely from any part of the globe, providing you with the same experience of having the software installed on your native desktop.

On the other hand, QuickBooks on-line could be a cloud-based product with no incidental to desktop software. it’s entirely managed by the maker of QuickBooks, Intuit. you’ll be able to only access your information on QuickBooks on-line by using a browser. For users familiar with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks on-line offers a unique user experience and options. moreover, it’s not compatible with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise.

We can call QuickBooks Hosting as a center between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks on-line. It offers an identical user experience to QuickBooks Desktop whereas providing the flexibility of QuickBooks on-line, a bit like QuickBooks Desktop with hosting services.

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For any type of query based on cloud hosting, users can come up to our website for the best guidance on QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services.

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