Error initializing qbpos Application log

QuickBooks POS is an exceptional retail software developed by Intuit for small and medium merchandizing industries. When you are working on your system, you may come across a message saying “Error initializing QBPOS application log“. This error generally occurs when you try to launch your QuickBooks POS application. You will receive the following error message:

Unexpected error happened. Please restart QuickBooks Point of Sale. The error is: Exception has been thrown by the target of invocation.


To resolve your this QuickBooks POS error, follow the solutions that are mentioned below:

Method I:

  • From your keyboard, you need to hold Ctrl along with Alt and Del
  • Windows Task Manager will appear on your computer screen.
  • Go to the Processes tab and click on QBPOSShell
  • Press End Task option now.
  • Right-click on the start option and click on File Explorer.
  • Press the View tab and select the Hidden items
  • From the left window, open My Computer or This PC option and go to the location C:\Users\{User logged on}\AppData\Local\Intuit\QBPOSShell.exe…\{last modified folder}
  • Copy this folder to your desktop.
  • Locate the config file and rename it to user.configold
  • Open your QBPOS application and close it, if the previous screen is opened. Create a backup data and check for your sales history to ensure that last sales were successfully recorded.

Method II: Delete the contents for QBPOSShell folder

Error initializing qbpos Application log

  • Hold the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys from your keyboard and open Windows Task Manager.
  • Open the Processes tab, select QBPOSShell and then click End Task.
  • Right-click on  the Start button on the task bar on your screen and then select the File Explorer. OR, at the bottom of your computer screen click on the icon that appears like a manilla folder.
  • Open View tab and select the checkbox for Hidden items in your system.
  • Open My Computer & go to the data path C:\Users\{User logged on}\AppData\Local\Intuit\QBPOSShell.exe…\{last modified folder}
  • Hold CTRL + A keys from your keyboard to the complete set of files that is present in this folder and delete it.
  • Close this window and open QuickBooks Point of Sale.

If the above solution wasn’t of any help to you then dial for Quickbooks Support phone number.

Method III: Create a new admin for your windows OS

  • Click on the Start menu and go to Control Panel.
  • Go to User accounts and Family Safety and press User Accounts option.
  • Open the Manage another account.
  • Now, go to Add a new user for PC Settings link.
  • Press the Add a user tab to open it on your computer screen.
  • Go to the option Sign in to your system without a Microsoft account link.
  • Open the Local Account on your computer screen.
  • Enter a user name section and leave the password section blank.
  • Press Next option and click on Finish.
  • Reboot your computer and now sign in with a new administrator account.
  • Open QuickBooks Point of Sale now.

The solutions mentioned in this article will help you in resolving your QuickBooks POS error. Your Error that has occurred while initializing QBPOS Application log will be resolve with the solution in this article. In case, you need some technical support assistance, then you can reach out to askforaccounting for their support. They are a customer support consultancy that provides support for various leading accounting software that are available like QuickBooks. To connect with them, you will have to give a call on their customer care helpline number 1800-865-4183. They provide round the clock support across the world. For more information about them, you will have to visit their website for any further help.

Accounts and its various forms

Today, the kind of accounts it is today…

It is by far the best time in the field of accounting we today are facing and gaining.The kind of accounts our father always dealt was one of the most monotonous task that I remember.

If you being in the world of technology, still following old practices of doing, keeping and tracking your books of accounts then you are making yourself fall, many ages behind.

Today is the world of speed. Not only information is traveling through the speed of light but also the productivity. Work has been reduced a lot and we now don’t demand much of the labor work. The same thing can be proven by giving you an example of Point of sale software.

QuickBooks POS.

I am sure you have heard the name of QuickBooks point of sale software. They are one of the finest technologies developed till date. QuickBooks POS today is empowering many businesses and is helping retail or wholesale stores grow at a fast and steady rate.

QuickBooks POS has come out as a boon for people around the world. It is not only helping, maintaining books of accounts but also helps businesses to track their physical entry and this is what QuickBooks POS is meant for. It directly integrates with your accounting software

QuickBooks POS directly integrates with your accounting software and helps scan your physical products with QR codes. This way the moment  you scan the physical product with your QuickBooks POS, every detail about the product like:

  • Name,
  • dimension,
  • Unique code,
  • Category,
  • Industry etc…

Benefits of using QuickBooks POS:

There are several benefits of using this amazing piece of tech from Quickbooks and these are:

  1. QuickBooks POS can be integrated globally with every accounting software on the planet.
  2. The program is ready to use thus you would not at all require any extra or third party support.
  3. It is highly compatible and adaptable to the changing needs of the businesses. Thus if you are expanding, then QuickBooks pos will help you grow with it.
  4. Reasonable enough: The program is reasonable and budget friendly. You won’t believe but Quickbooks is the only software that takes care of your budget.
  5. It is powerful as it can help you complete 10 different operations per second.

QuickBooks POS has been in the industry for long, but with technology, the process is only growing. Make use of QuickBooks and get all the help you need with ease.

If you ever need any accounting help related to your QuickBooks then you can easily find all the support by dialing QuickBooks POS support number provided on the site.