QuickBooks Data Migration Services

Having performed a large number of QuickBooks Data Migration information relocations from many various stages, we can help you convert to QuickBooks with all your significant information unblemished. Solicitation a free interview and statement today.

We Take The Stress Out Of Migrating To QuickBooks

Changing over your bookkeeping framework can be overwhelming. Contingent upon how long you’ve been doing business there might be a few GB of information, and your present bookkeeping framework is likely not a 1-to-1 match with QuickBooks. Working with Bigxperts you’ll have a committed transformation expert who will evaluate your special circumstance, figure out which QuickBooks items you’ll need, and work with you to build up a staged change plan. We likewise utilize full time developers who will deal with the fare, cleaning, and import of your recorded information. Post-transformation, your group will be completely prepared on the new framework, and we’ll help you set up effective cycles that permit you to benefit as much as possible from your new framework.

Stage 1. Decide Products Needed

Your devoted QuickBooks Conversion Expert will invest energy becoming acquainted with your business, just as your present framework. We’ll realize precisely what your group needs out of a bookkeeping framework, and which QuickBooks items you’ll require. This may incorporate QuickBooks Enterprise, Payroll, Point-of-Sale System, or Field Service Management.

Stage 2. Format File Setup

This interaction requires building up the legitimate work processes that will make QuickBooks fit your business perfectly, and guarantee that we can impeccably assimilate the entirety of the information from your present bookkeeping framework. During this short period, you might need to do twofold section in your old framework and in the new QuickBooks record. You pull information, including reports, for example, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, P&L, monetary records by month, and whatever other information that necessities to change over to QuickBooks.

Stage 3: Go Live and Train Your Team

Preparing your group is essential to guarantee that your organization effectively changes to the new programming. We’ll do a preparation to ensure your group realizes how to utilize your new framework. Bigxperts is known for its preparation; we have in excess of 200 preparing recordings on our site since we need all QuickBooks clients to be fruitful, regardless of whether they aren’t our customers.

Stage 4: Close and Review The Books

This interaction encourages us to decide whether there is some other extra information or month to month reports you need to maintain your business. Ordinarily we don’t understand which data is significant until we presently don’t approach, so we’ll do an exhaustive twofold check to ensure we’ve imported all you require. On the off chance that there are extra records which should be moved, we’ll pull them over from your old framework to QuickBooks.

Stage 5: Follow Up and Maintenance

We’ll allow you to run the QuickBooks programming for a month or something like that and afterward check in and perceive how things are going. In case you’re having issues, we’ll attempt to stop them from the beginning. Also, if there are highlights or information that were given up in your heritage framework, we’ll recover them. We additionally energize progressing month to month/quarterly shutting administrations to help you stay on target. We will likely ensure you are benefiting from your bookkeeping programming.

The Bigxperts Advantage

  • Keep your authentic information: Guarantee all your most significant business history is changed over. Feel sure that all chronicled information will be appropriately relocated to the new framework.
  • Get more out of your product: Get more out of your QuickBooks. We can tell you the best way to utilize the 150+ out-of-the-container reports, and custom make reports novel to your business.
  • Decrease twofold section: Accelerate the opportunity to transform. Lessen time spent working in two frameworks and take out twofold sections.
  • Broaden and alter QuickBooks: Expand on top of your QuickBooks. We have encountered software engineers who can use the QuickBooks API to assemble modules and additional items.
  • Set up effectively from the beginning: Guarantee your framework is set up effectively – all tables and information bases are working and your financial balances are appropriately connected.
  • We’re there for you long haul: Have a progressing support group to investigate issues and guarantee your QuickBooks is developing with your business.

Brisk and Easy QuickBooks Data Migration Services

Bigxperts offers industry-standard QuickBooks information movement administrations, guaranteeing that no interruption is caused to your current bookkeeping information. QuickBooks relocation is an overwhelming assignment and stances dangers to the honesty of your business bookkeeping information. Various projects have distinctive information designs and level of difficulties, making it agonizing for the clients to relocate information from the different bookkeeping framework to QuickBooks.

Across the board QuickBooks Migration Service by Bigxperts QB Data Service

We have a certified group of the QuickBooks experts who can help you with a wide range of information relocation, fare, and change administrations. The offered administrations are delivered instantly guaranteeing no loss to urgent bookkeeping information. Our complete administrations cover all the International variants of QuickBooks, including UK, Canada, US, and Australia. The QuickBooks Data Migration group deals with the fare, cleaning, and import of your old QuickBooks information. After the change, we additionally train your group of bookkeepers on the new framework so they can be alright with it and perform productively. Over the long haul, if a record gets debased or harmed, our QuickBooks Data fix administrations can act as the hero.

Outline to Main Data Migration Cases in QuickBooks:

Relocation starting with One QuickBooks Edition then onto the next:

This sort of movement is done as the Company documents while moving, redesigning, or minimizing one version to different releases of QuickBooks, for example, QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, Online and Enterprise.

Movement from One Accounting System to QuickBooks:

In this kind of information relocation, the client moves information from a current bookkeeping framework to QuickBooks. The most well-known transformations can be found as information movement from NetSuite, Sage 50, AccountEdge, Simply Accounting, Xero, BusinessWorks, MYOB, Peachtree and different frameworks to QuickBooks.

Movement of International Editions:

This sort of information relocation happens when a client needs to change over from one International adaptation of the QuickBooks to another, for example, UK to US, Canada to UK, US to Australia, and so on The present circumstance emerges when a client picks an off-base International form of QuickBooks, or it is the new duty enactment that requires the utilization of VAT, which isn’t upheld in the current rendition.

Relocating Data to QuickBooks Online At a Glance:

At the point when you relocate to QuickBooks on the web, you can smooth out your business bookkeeping measure. QuickBooks online offers numerous extra advantages with the speed and commonality of QuickBooks Desktop. You can make specially custom fitted solicitations and different deals reports, work with concurrent clients, and award them with various degrees of access consents utilizing login qualifications. QBO is exceptionally viable with the two Windows and Mac Desktop making it advantageous to dispatch the program straightforwardly from the framework. Then again, it doesn’t uphold probably the most remarkable highlights of the QuickBooks Desktop, for example, Batch Transaction Processing, Complex Sales Ordering, Advanced Inventory, and different others. By reaching our QuickBooks information movement specialists, you can trade QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online without any difficulty.

QuickBooks Data Migration Services We Offer:

We offer a total scope of QuickBooks information change administrations and convert all remaining bookkeeping projects to QuickBooks. The underneath given rundown portrays a portion of our fundamental administrations identified with the QuickBooks relocation

QuickBooks information relocation becomes fundamental when you need to move your current information record to the QuickBooks stage. Additionally, when you have a QuickBooks information document and you need another record with the monetary information of the last scarcely any financial years. Moreover, on the off chance that you need to accomplish the portability of QuickBooks on the web, at that point you can pick information relocation to QBO.


How Does It All Work?

At the point when you interface with our QuickBooks information movement specialists, they will help you with the most pertinent arrangements needed by your business. The administrations are delivered in the beneath given advances

How do I import data into QuickBooks?

Follow the steps below to import items:

  • Go to File Menu.
  • Click Import under Utilities.
  • Select Excel Files.
  • Choose the type of data you’re importing.
  • Enter your information, save your file, and close it.
  • Review results and view your saved files in QuickBooks.
  • Close the window once you’re done.

Should I convert QuickBooks online?

Important: If you use advanced features, such as advanced reporting and advanced inventory, we recommend starting fresh with QuickBooks Online because some of your data won’t be converted. If you want to keep using these features in Enterprise, learn about cloud-enabled QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

How do I migrate to QuickBooks online?

  • Sign in as an admin to the company file you need to import.
  • Go to the Company menu, then select Export Company File to QuickBooks Online.
  • Select Start your export.
  • Sign in as an admin to your QuickBooks Online company.
  • If you track inventory in QuickBooks Desktop

What are the 3 primary ways to migrate client data to QuickBooks online?

  • Use the Import Data tool.
  • Use the Export Data tool.
  • Enter data manually into the QuickBooks Online forms and check registers.
  • Use the Attachments tool.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services

​QuickBooks hosting refers to the utilization of a licensed copy of the QuickBooks accounting software package on the third-party cloud servers that are managed, maintained, and run by cloud hosting suppliers. The user gets access to the application and also the information on the server via remote desktop. By hosting QB on a cloud platform, the user gets to access, edit, share and change the information on the accounting software through any device that has an internet connection and that too from anyplace in the world.

The cloud hosting provider for QuickBooks charges a flat fee from the user and therefore fee depends on the number of users chosen. QuickBooks cloud hosting works in a multi-tenant model and that’s why the value of hosted QuickBooks service is economical. When shifting to the cloud, the user gets identical UI as of the desktop installed QB and thus, there’s no ought to unlearn.

Why is Quickbooks Hosting Beneficial for Business?

QuickBooks cloud hosting may be a software, is designed by using manual facilitation and codes. At a similar time, it additionally works well to fix the problems that are quite disadvantageous for the corporate and its growth. HighnessCloud, being the simplest and most award-winning QuickBooks hosting provider company is always on its way to resolve such problems swiftly without any hassle.

Features of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services


The Downside Of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services

While QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services will provide some pretty huge advantages, we might be doing an extreme disservice by not pointing out that there are some drawbacks yet. It’s vital to weigh out these pros and cons carefully to see whether or not QuickBooks hosting makes sense for your business. Some drawbacks to think about include:

  • Hosting Is Expensive
  • Outages & Internet Dependency
  • UI Issues

QuickBooks Hosting Vs QuickBooks Online

Because each is accessed through the internet, it’s simple to assume they’re identical or very similar. However, they’re entirely different services.

QuickBooks Hosting permits you to access your QuickBooks desktop version software from a cloud server. All of your information files are safely kept and operated from the cloud server. By logging in with a unique username and password, it becomes possible to access your information remotely from any part of the globe, providing you with the same experience of having the software installed on your native desktop.

On the other hand, QuickBooks on-line could be a cloud-based product with no incidental to desktop software. it’s entirely managed by the maker of QuickBooks, Intuit. you’ll be able to only access your information on QuickBooks on-line by using a browser. For users familiar with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks on-line offers a unique user experience and options. moreover, it’s not compatible with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise.

We can call QuickBooks Hosting as a center between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks on-line. It offers an identical user experience to QuickBooks Desktop whereas providing the flexibility of QuickBooks on-line, a bit like QuickBooks Desktop with hosting services.

Also read: QuickBooks Data Migration Services

For any type of query based on cloud hosting, users can come up to our website for the best guidance on QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services.

Quickbooks premier manufacturing and wholesale

Experience Enhanced Business Potential & Gains with your QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale
Powered by Techarex Networks

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Our QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale Hosting Services Enable you Derive Improved ROI

QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale hosting with Techarex Networks renders your accounting software solution accessible seamlessly via web. Host your accounting software on our Cloud and get the absolute freedom to manage inventory, sales and more while being anywhere, anytime.

Quickbooks windows server backup logs

QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale hosting with Techarex Networks offers following core benefits

Advanced Encryption

All your crucial business data like customer details, sales records, reports, profits & loss details etc., stays safe from unauthorized misuse/malicious threats due to our fully encrypted servers.

No More Collaboration Constraints

You can create sales orders, track backorders, send invoices to customers, collaborate with team members and do a lot more from anywhere, anytime.

Regular Data Backups

Your crucial data like inventory, sales orders, financial reports, customers details etc., is not only fully secured but also fully backed up to guarantee you seamless business continuity.

Quick Response

Forget hurdles in your usual way of setting inventory levels, tracking reorders & finances etc., due to accounting software issues. We ensure fixing all issues related to your software with high agility.

Lower Costs

Save thousands of dollars that would have been spent in correcting server issues, deploying extra backup, or training internal team.

Upgrades Done Timely

Your QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale software is upgraded as per requirement by our team at no extra cost.


Call Toll-Free: 1-800-865-4183.

Technical Specifications for QuickBooks Premier 2017

  • 2.4 GHz processor
  • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 4x DVD-ROM drive
  • Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 (Update 1), or Windows 10 (all 32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Product registration required
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 2012 R2
  • Payroll features require Internet access
  • 2.5 GB disk space recommended (additional space required for data files)

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QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale Benefits

Inventory management is made extremely simple with QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale software. This ultimately results in requirement of lesser time to manage other crucial tasks. Inventory tracking is another time-saving benefit the accounting software offers.

Given below are some incredible benefits QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale software provides

Easily Track Inventory Reorder Point

Get a quick track of inventory that is available. Also set optimal inventory levels to get notified whenever there is any deviation.

Simplified Reordering

Run a report showing all items in the inventory that are short from the desired volume and need quick reordering.

Track Products by Profitability

Keep track of your products that are bringing the best sales and accordingly promote & keep the same more in stock.

Prioritize Orders to Fulfill

View all open sales orders to prioritize them in the manner you want. Also get a clear picture of orders that can be shipped and those which can’t.

Get Started Now! Find a plan that’s right for you

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Features of QuickBooks Premier 2017

Nowadays, Manufacturing & Wholesale business is full of complex challenges that need to be fully and effectively addressed. QuickBooks Premier 2017 bundles a host of features that help you counter all such challenges with high efficiency – be it tracking inventory, searching for crucial data or more.

Given below are some business-friendly benefits of this accounting software

Smart Invoicing

You can send invoices to your customers by sending them a ‘Pay Now’ link so that they can pay online using credit card or via bank transfer

Business Snapshot

Get real-time view of your current business via “Snapshots” – customizable dashboards displaying information about company, customer and payment.

Smart Search

Personalized Autocomplete feature makes it easier and quicker for you to search for stored customer names, respective transaction amounts and more .

Powerful Add-on Features

You can simplify tasks and operate your business much better with the help of powerful add-on applications.

Other QuickBooks Premier Hosting Solutions Askforaccounting Offers

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QuickBooks Premier hosting – Retail



QuickBooks can be integrated with hundreds of other applications to fulfill your complete accounting requirements.Techarex Networks support most of these add-ons which can be integrated with Quickbooks. Some of them are listed below:

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Quickbooks cleanup utility

QuickBooks Clean Up Utility : 8 Major Effects Of Company Data

Functions of Clean Up Company Data Utility

  • Creating new general journal entries by month while selectively summarizing closed transactions and then deleting the summarized transactions.
  • Selectively removes unused list items, including accounts, vendors , customers, items, other names, and To Do notes

Achieved Goals:

  • Reducing the size of the company file thus improving performance.
  • Removed stale list items to increasing efficiency.
  • Minimize recording errors by reducing the chance of mapping a transaction to the wrong list item.

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Quickbooks windows server backup logs

Effects of Cleanup Utility

  1. Since the Transaction details from the cleaned up period do not exist in the company file (.qbw), so detail reports become unavailable for the cleaned up period.
  2. For the cleaned up period, summary reports and financial statements will be accurate to a given month but not to a small interval of time. This is because the clean-up process summarizes transactions with a monthly journal entry.
  3. After the first inventory item that can’t be cleaned up, the clean up of inventory items ends.
  4. Since detail transactions are needed to determine a transaction’s paid status, Cash basis reports will not be accurate for a cleaned up period.
  5. The information required to produce reports on sales tax liabilities are not deleted by QuickBooks. Hence, Sales tax reporting for the cleaned up period will be accurate.
  6. Only Estimates with a job status of Closed are deleted; Estimates with any other job status are preserved.
  7. No, matter whatever be the last date specified for the clean up, QuickBooks retains payroll transactions for both the current and previous years based on the current time setting of your computer’s clock.

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  1. You can optionally remove lists elements for 6 lists if they are not required in a transaction.

The principal trade-off is that detail history for the cleaned up period will not be available in your primary company file (.qbw). You’ll have to open an archive or a copy to review details from the cleaned up period or run reports that aren’t accurate for a cleaned up period, such as a cash basis report.

The Clean Up utility optionally can delete lists elements from 6 lists that are no longer used in a transaction. These lists are:

  • accounts
  • customers and Jobs
  • vendors
  • other names
  • Items
  • To Do notes
  • Classes

Each of the 6 lists can be cleaned up individually as shown in figure:

Source: Quickbooks chat Help Support Number. Contact No. 1800-865-4183

Remote desktop session host configuration

An overview
of Remote DesktopSession Host (RDSH)

Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) has a kind of role in Remote Desktop Services (RDS), or Terminal Services. RDSH servers host Windows applications or desktops that are accessed via remote end-users over a network.

Many end users can connect to RDSH server via Remote Desktop Connection Broker for accessing session-based desktops and other published applications.

You can assemble multiple RDSH servers together in a Session Collection as a group and publish either RemoteApp applications or session-based desktops (but not both from the same collection).

Remote desktop session host configuration
Remote Quickbooks Desktop

The capability of grouping RDSH servers into collections was a new feature to Windows Server2012 RDS. This feature is useful for load balancing connections among connected servers.

Every remote session present on an RDSH server requires an RDS client access license (CAL). The role of Licensing over RDS maintains track of those CALs, so that, there are not any active sessions other than you have licenses for.

The standard Windows Server licenses include all basic things you require to set up, use RDSHand Licensing services.

Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) is the server that hosts Windows-based programs or the full Windows desktop for Remote Desktop Services users. Clients can link to an RD SessionHost server to run programs, save files and to use network resources on that server.

They can also use an RD Session Host server through Remote Desktop Connection or via Remote App.

Remote desktop session host configuration
Remote Desktop Service For 24/7 Hour.

Numerous end users link to the RDSH server via Remote Desktop Connection Broker and Remote App to use session-based desktops and issued applications.
Additionally, users can combine number RDSH servers in a Session Collection and issue either Remote App applications or session-based desktops.

The advantages of delivering Windows desktops or applications through RDSH (instead of installing apps on employees’ devices ) includes timely update roll-outs, end users’ capability to access corporate apps from the field by using devices that would not generally support those apps or Windows 10 Support Number. 1800-865-4183.

Whenever, a user uses a program on an RDSH, the program execution follows on the server. Each user understands their individual session.

The period is handled transparently by the server operating system and is independent of any other client session.

If the users deploy a program on an RD Session Host server instead of on different device, there are many advantages. Some of the benefits are:

Quick deployment of Windows-based programs to computing devices across an enterprise. It is specifically valuable when users have programs that are regularly updated, rarely used and difficult to handle.

Users can use programs that are functioning on an RD Session Host server from devices such as home computers, kiosks, hardware that might not meet the needs of the operating system and operating systems excluding Windows.

Furthermore, Branch office workers who require accessing to centralized data stores can have improved program performance by using a program remotely on an RD Session Host server. Data-intensive programs sometimes do not have user’s protocols that are enhanced for low-speed connections.

Programs of this kind normally perform better over a Remote Desktop Services connection comparatively to a typical wide area network.

Source: We are Remote Desktop Session Host Server Error Support Phone Number By Intuit Support. @ 1800-865-4183.

The vital identification numbers are incorrect

If the original transaction was approved, and a value was passed in the duplicate window field, the payment gateway response will also include the authorization code for the original transaction. All duplicate transactions submitted after the duplicate window, whether specified in the transaction request or after the payment gateway’s default 2 minute duplicate window, are processed normally.


Response Code Details

The following tables describe the response codes and response reason texts that are returned for each transaction.

Response Code indicates the overall status of the transaction with possible values of approved, declined, errored, or held for review.

Response Reason Code is a numeric representation of a more specific reason for the transaction status.

Response Reason Text details the specific reason for the transaction status. This information can be returned to the merchant and/or customer to provide more information about the status of the transaction.

Response Codes

1 This transaction has been approved.  
2 This transaction has been declined.  
3 There has been an error processing this transaction.  
4 This transaction is being held for review.  

Best QuickBooks Add-Ons

Response Reason Codes and Response Reason Text

1 1 This transaction has been approved.  
2 2 This transaction has been declined.  
2 3 This transaction has been declined.  
2 4 This transaction has been declined. The code returned from the processor
      indicating that the card used needs to
      be picked up.
3 5 A valid amount is required. The value submitted in the amount
      field did not pass validation for a
3 6 The credit card number is invalid.  
3 7 The credit card expiration date is invalid. The format of the date submitted was
3 8 The credit card has expired.  
3 9 The ABA code is invalid. The value submitted in the
      x_bank_aba_code field did not pass
      validation or was not for a valid


Last revised: 8/12/2008  
Copyright © 1998 – 2008 Authorize.Net, a Cyber Source solution 33
AIM Developer Guide    
      financial institution.
3 10 The account number is invalid. The value submitted in the
      x_bank_acct_num field did not pass
3 11 A duplicate transaction has been A transaction with identical amount
    submitted. and credit card information was
      submitted two minutes prior.
3 12 An authorization code is required but not A transaction that required
    present. x_auth_code to be present was
      submitted without a value.
3 13 The merchant API Login ID is invalid or  
    the account is inactive.  
3 14 The Referrer or Relay Response URL is The Relay Response or Referrer URL
    invalid. does not match the merchant’s
      configured value(s) or is absent.
      Applicable only to SIM and WebLink
3 15 The transaction ID is invalid. The transaction ID value is non-
      numeric or was not present for a
      transaction that requires it (i.e., VOID,
3 16 The transaction was not found. The transaction ID sent in was properly
      formatted but the gateway had no
      record of the transaction.
3 17 The merchant does not accept this type The merchant was not configured to
    of credit card. accept the credit card submitted in the
3 18 ACH transactions are not accepted by The merchant does not accept
    this merchant. electronic checks.
3 19 – 23 An error occurred during processing.  
    Please try again in 5 minutes.  
3 24 The Nova Bank Number or Terminal ID  
    is incorrect. Call Merchant Service  
3 25 – 26 An error occurred during processing.  
    Please try again in 5 minutes.  
2 27 The transaction resulted in an AVS  
    mismatch. The address provided does  
    not match billing address of cardholder.  
3 28 The merchant does not accept this type The Merchant ID at the processor was
    of credit card. not configured to accept this card type.
3 29 The Paymentech identification numbers  
    are incorrect. Call Merchant Service  
3 30 The configuration with the processor is  
    invalid. Call Merchant Service Provider.  
3 31 The FDC Merchant ID or Terminal ID is The merchant was incorrectly set up at
    incorrect. Call Merchant Service the processor.
3 32 This reason code is reserved or not  
    applicable to this API.  
3 33 FIELD cannot be left blank. The word FIELD will be replaced by an
      actual field name. This error indicates
      that a field the merchant specified as
Last revised: 8/12/2008    
Copyright © 1998 – 2008 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution 34


      Section 4 Transaction Response
      required was not filled in.
3 34 The VITAL identification numbers are The merchant was incorrectly set up at
    incorrect. Call Merchant Service the processor.
3 35 An error occurred during processing. The merchant was incorrectly set up at
    Call Merchant Service Provider. the processor.
3 36 The authorization was approved, but  
    settlement failed.  
3 37 The credit card number is invalid.  
3 38 The Global Payment System The merchant was incorrectly set up at
    identification numbers are incorrect. Call the processor.
    Merchant Service Provider.  
3 40 This transaction must be encrypted.  
2 41 This transaction has been declined. Only merchants set up for the
      FraudScreen.Net service would
      receive this decline. This code will be
      returned if a given transaction’s fraud
      score is higher than the threshold set
      by the merchant.
3 43 The merchant was incorrectly set up at The merchant was incorrectly set up at
    the processor. Call your Merchant the processor.
    Service Provider.  
2 44 This transaction has been declined. The card code submitted with the
      transaction did not match the card
      code on file at the card issuing bank
      and the transaction was declined.
2 45 This transaction has been declined. This error would be returned if the
      transaction received a code from the
      processor that matched the rejection
      criteria set by the merchant for both
      the AVS and Card Code filters.
3 46 Your session has expired or does not  
    exist. You must log in to continue  
3 47 The amount requested for settlement This occurs if the merchant tries to
    may not be greater than the original capture funds greater than the amount
    amount authorized. of the original authorization-only
3 48 This processor does not accept partial The merchant attempted to settle for
    reversals. less than the originally authorized
3 49 A transaction amount greater than The transaction amount submitted was
    $[amount] will not be accepted. greater than the maximum amount
3 50 This transaction is awaiting settlement Credits or refunds may only be
    and cannot be refunded. performed against settled transactions.
      The transaction against which the
      credit/refund was submitted has not
      been settled, so a credit cannot be
3 51 The sum of all credits against this  
    transaction is greater than the original  
    transaction amount.  
3 52 The transaction was authorized, but the  
    client could not be notified; the  
Last revised: 8/12/2008    
Copyright © 1998 – 2008 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution 35


AIM Developer Guide    
    transaction will not be settled.  
3 53 The transaction type was invalid for If x_method = ECHECK, x_type cannot
    ACH transactions. be set to CAPTURE_ONLY.
3 54 The referenced transaction does not  
    meet the criteria for issuing a credit.  
3 55 The sum of credits against the The transaction is rejected if the sum
    referenced transaction would exceed the of this credit and prior credits exceeds
    original debit amount. the original debit amount
3 56 This merchant accepts ACH The merchant processes eCheck.Net
    transactions only; no credit card transactions only and does not accept
    transactions are accepted. credit cards.
3 57 – 63 An error occurred in processing. Please  
    try again in 5 minutes.  
2 65 This transaction has been declined. The transaction was declined because
      the merchant configured their account
      through the Merchant Interface to
      reject transactions with certain values
      for a Card Code mismatch.
3 66 This transaction cannot be accepted for The transaction did not meet gateway
    processing. security guidelines.
3 68 The version parameter is invalid. The value submitted in x_version was
3 69 The transaction type is invalid. The value submitted in x_type was
3 70 The transaction method is invalid. The value submitted in x_method was
3 71 The bank account type is invalid. The value submitted in
      x_bank_acct_type was invalid.
3 72 The authorization code is invalid. The value submitted in x_auth_code
      was more than six characters in length.
3 73 The driver’s license date of birth is The format of the value submitted in
    invalid. x_drivers_license_dob was invalid.
3 74 The duty amount is invalid. The value submitted in x_duty failed
      format validation.
3 75 The freight amount is invalid. The value submitted in x_freight failed
      format validation.
3 76 The tax amount is invalid. The value submitted in x_tax failed
      format validation.
3 77 The SSN or tax ID is invalid. The value submitted in
      x_customer_tax_id failed validation.
3 78 The Card Code (CVV2/CVC2/CID) is The value submitted in x_card_code
    invalid. failed format validation.
3 79 The driver’s license number is invalid. The value submitted in
      x_drivers_license_num failed format
3 80 The driver’s license state is invalid. The value submitted in
      x_drivers_license_state failed format
3 81 The requested form type is invalid. The merchant requested an integration
      method not compatible with the AIM
3 82 Scripts are only supported in version The system no longer supports version
    2.5. 2.5; requests cannot be posted to
Last revised: 8/12/2008    
Copyright © 1998 – 2008 Authorize.Net, a CyberSource solution 36


      Section 4 Transaction Response
3 83 The requested script is either invalid or The system no longer supports version
    no longer supported. 2.5; requests cannot be posted to
3 84 This reason code is reserved or not  
    applicable to this API.  
3 85 This reason code is reserved or not  
    applicable to this API.  
3 86 This reason code is reserved or not  
    applicable to this API.  
3 87 This reason code is reserved or not  
    applicable to this API.  
3 88 This reason code is reserved or not  
    applicable to this API.  
3 89 This reason code is reserved or not  
    applicable to this API.  
3 90 This reason code is reserved or not  
    applicable to this API.  
3 91 Version 2.5 is no longer supported.  
3 92 The gateway no longer supports the  
    requested method of integration.  
3 97 This transaction cannot be accepted. Applicable only to SIM API.
      Fingerprints are only valid for a short
      period of time. This code indicates that
      the transaction fingerprint has expired.
3 98 This transaction cannot be accepted. Applicable only to SIM API. The
      transaction fingerprint has already
      been used.
3 99 This transaction cannot be accepted. Applicable only to SIM API. The
      server-generated fingerprint does not

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How to Print the Lacerte E-Organizer

Problem Description

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to print the E-Organizer after the client has filled it out?
Here are the various steps that shows the solution of above problem, So step by step procedure is :-

Solution Description

Print E-organizer from Taxpayer’s Application:

  1. Firstly, Open the E-Organizer from the email.
  2. Click on the E-organizer link present on the left side of the Contents screen.
  3. Click on Print button which is present on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the items to Print then, click on Print Selected option or click on Print All option.

Tutorial on SQL Joins

Print E-organizer During Import to Lacerte Tax Program:

  1. Firstly, Open the E-Organizer that received from the taxpayer.
  2. Click on Print option.
  3. A window will appear that to choose which pages to print. By default, all pages are applicable or relevant to print will be checked with a green mark. Pages with a red cross will not print.

You can also click on Select All or Select None. Additional printer settings can be found by click on the Settings button.

  1. Click on OK button to finish the printing.

Print E-organizer After it Has Been Imported:

  1. Firstly, Open the E-Organizer received from the tax payer again.
  2. It will prompt to clear data already imported, click on Yes option.
  3. Click on Print option at the E-organizer window.
  4. Lastly, Mark the items to print and click on OK button.

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Difference between sharepoint 2010 and 2013


SharePoint 2013 Vs SharePoint 2010 – Differences Discussed

SharePoint introduces new editions every few years. With each new version, there are several modifications in the already existing features, while many new features are added.

Users often get confused when it’s about selecting one out of two SharePoint editions. Here, you will understand the basic differences in the last versions, namely SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

  • Share Point 2013 offers an amazing experience to users. Features like drag and drop make the functioning of the platform really stress-free. It is easier to upload documents on the SharePoint 2013 than SharePoint 2010. Also, it is easier to make changes in the managed metadata in a datasheet view.
  • The discussion board in SharePoint 2013 hosts an activity stream to offer a much more engrossing social experience to its users than the one in SharePoint 2010. It is basically because of the visual aspect of this feature in SharePoint 2013.
  • In context of expertise location, SharePoint 2010 provides support for user profile. Standard as well as custom attributes are supported in SharePoint 2010. Users can look for specific people by defining it in detail in “Ask me about” section.
  • In SharePoint 2013, a search for people outputs the list of recently searched people. However, users can follow the people they want to and check their activity on the social platform, such as daily posts and uploads.
  • For the workflow, SharePoint offers numerous “built in” workflows with many options available in SharePoint Designer. It also includes prominent enhancements, such as better tools and features for creating and visualizing workflows.
  • As far as document collaboration is concerned, both the Quickbooks Versions of SharePoint have similar structures. It means that a metadata architecture created in SharePoint 2010 will work properly on SharePoint 2013 as well.
  • In SharePoint 2010, it is difficult to collaborate with those outside the team who are restricted to modify content on the website. Also, permission must be sought from the owner of the website. In SharePoint 2013, it is very easy to share any document on the website. Also, users can itself send invitations to make changes in a website document. Thus, making it easier to work with external users as well. Anyone from outside the team can request to have access to the website and seek permission from the site owner.
  • Users of SharePoint 2010 must have enough knowledge about SharePoint 2010 and its features if they aim to create a user interface for the websites on SharePoint. However, the users of SharePoint 2013 are not required to have a lot of information about SharePoint 2013 before using it. They can easily design and brand a website on SharePoint. All those who are competent in the skill set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, can work on SharePoint 2013 and create a website without any difficulty.

Source: SharePoint 2018 update Support Number: @ 1800-865-4183.