How to Remove a Customer from QuickBooks?

It may be multiple instances when the user feels that they not required any customer in their database, or it could occupy unnecessary space in their database. Some of the users have an inactive QuickBooks customer in their database. That the reason the user wants to remove customers from QuickBooks. In this blog, we will discuss the easy scenarios to delete or remove the customer. Before we describe the process, we need to understand each scenario.

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How to Remove a Customer from QuickBooks?

  • First scenario: If they think of users they want to remove but when verifying, they find that there is no record of their accounts; the user can delete those customers from the database list.
  • Second Scenario: Many times the user does not allow by QuickBooks to delete of those customers, who have movement of any kind connected. In this condition QuickBooks will give them dialogue box such as It is used in transactions or this name has balance, the user can make them inactive instead of deleting them. Now the user can use both two scenarios, now we are going to discuss how to delete the customers in QuickBooks.

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Follow the steps to remove the Customers in QuickBooks?

  • Click on the customers and open the customer.
  • Click on the edit button and make the inactive customer.

The user can follow in details so that the above process will be successful. Now the user can also follow the hiding and be merging a customer if they want to maintain the customer into the file. In below point, we are going to discuss this.

Hiding the customer:

  • Tick on the customer center which they can see at the top of the QuickBooks window.
  • Go into the left side of a window, and tick on customer and job.
  • The user has the list of the customers, double tick on the customer hide or name.
  • The user will be able to see a window where the inactive the customer.
  • Here the user will see the option, click on it.

Merging Customer:

  • The user can merge the customers accounts and delete them from the list.
  • The user needs to tick on customer center and click on customer and job.
  • Choose the customer and click on change name to be edited.
  • Click on ok and click on yes to merge.

Deleting a Customer:

  • The user needs to open the QuickBooks and open it and follow the below steps.
  • Tick on customer center and tick on jobs and customer.
  • The user will be able to see the list of the customers in QuickBooks.
  • Choose the customer you want to remove
  • Tick on Edit and tick on delete a customer job in QuickBooks.
  • Selected customer will be deleted.
  • It depends on the number of customers, they want to delete, every time of deletion the user can follow the same process.

Get help:

In any case, the user is not able to remove the customers from QuickBooks; they can dial our QuickBooks Technical Support Number 1800-865-4183  for the help. For the support, they have hired professional and proficient teammates to handle the customer’s queries and concerns. They will always give an instant response to their customers. They have the toll free number for the support 24*7. They can also connect with users via QuickBooks Email or Intuit Online Chat support.

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