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How to Print the Lacerte E-Organizer

Problem Description

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to print the E-Organizer after the client has filled it out?
Here are the various steps that shows the solution of above problem, So step by step procedure is :-

Solution Description

Print E-organizer from Taxpayer’s Application:

  1. Firstly, Open the E-Organizer from the email.
  2. Click on the E-organizer link present on the left side of the Contents screen.
  3. Click on Print button which is present on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the items to Print then, click on Print Selected option or click on Print All option.

Tutorial on SQL Joins

Print E-organizer During Import to Lacerte Tax Program:

  1. Firstly, Open the E-Organizer that received from the taxpayer.
  2. Click on Print option.
  3. A window will appear that to choose which pages to print. By default, all pages are applicable or relevant to print will be checked with a green mark. Pages with a red cross will not print.

You can also click on Select All or Select None. Additional printer settings can be found by click on the Settings button.

  1. Click on OK button to finish the printing.

Print E-organizer After it Has Been Imported:

  1. Firstly, Open the E-Organizer received from the tax payer again.
  2. It will prompt to clear data already imported, click on Yes option.
  3. Click on Print option at the E-organizer window.
  4. Lastly, Mark the items to print and click on OK button.

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How to Send an E-Organizer in the Lacerte Tax Program

Problem Description

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to send an E-Organizer from Lacerte Tax Program. Here are the various steps to solve that above problem, So following step by step procedure are:-

Solution Description

The 2015 E-Organizer email service will not be available after October 31, 2016.After October 31, 2016 the E-Organizer option “Save to Disk” will also not available. If the Taxpayer has already entered their data in the E-Organizer, they can print the whole data and scan it, or print it directly as PDF (if they have a PDF Printer), and then file will be emailed to you. You can then enter the data manually. 1800-865-4183. If the Taxpayer has not already entered their data, you can print the paper organizer to PDF and e-mail it to the them on their particular email address. Then, when the Taxpayer has completed the input sheets, they will have to scan them back in and e-mail them back to you.

Tutorial on SQL Joins

The current year Organizer needs to be accessed from the previous year Lacerte Tax program.

e organizer

To Send an E-Organizer to a client:

  1. Firstly, Click on the Clients tab (to view the list of your clients).
    2. Click on Tools Option.
    3. Click on Organizer Option.
    4. Select either the Complete E-Organizer or Partial E-Organizer Option from the left navigational panel.
  2.  Select one of the following from the E-Organizer window:
    o    Email E-Organizer to send via email.
    o    Save E-Organizer to disk to save the E-Organizer to a removable media  or any portable media or to your hard drive.
  3.   Select one of the following from the Return E-Mail Address section:

o    When clients are done, all E-Organizers will be returned to this address:  Enter the address where E-Organizer should be sent back to you.
o    Each E-Organizer will be returned to the clients preparer:  The E-Organizer will have to  returned to the preparers email address that has been assigned to work on this return.

  1. Click on Next Option.
    8.    Select the documents that you want to include or attach with the E-Organizer from the Document Options section.
  2.  Select the  strong and unique password format from the Password Options section:

o Select explain the password in the E-mail Letter ( to have Lacerte explain what the password is)
o    Select communicate the password on your own (will not include strong password information in the E-mail Letter).

The passwords are as follows and cannot be changed anymore:

o   US Address Clients – Taxpayer’s 5-digit zip code + Taxpayer’s last 4-digit social security number.
o   Foreign Address Clients – Taxpayer’s first 5 letters of the city name + Taxpayer’s last 4-digit social security number. If the city name is less than five letters, enter the entire city name. The taxpayer’s city name is always  case-sensitive.

  1.  Click  on Next Option. (If you selected Complete E-Organizer in Step 4,skip to Step 12)Partial E-Organizer – You will now see the E-Organizer Pages section where you can select the all forms you want to include in the E-Organizer.

To select a page:

  1.   Double click on the page. (If the page has a green check mark in the box, then that page will be included in the E-Organizer. If the page has a red  cross  in the box, that means the  page will not be included  or attached in the E-Organizer.)
  2.   Click on  Next Option.
    c.   Highlight all the clients under the Available Clients section. (To highlight multiple clients, press  down the Ctrl key and select all the applicable clients.)
    d.   Click on Add Option. (This will move or transfer  the highlighted clients from the Available Clients section to the Selected Clients section.)

Note– To remove a client, select the client from the Selected Clients list and click on the Remove button.

Click Next.
Click Send to send the E-Organizer to the client(s).

The E-Organizer Transmission Summary will appear showing result status of each E-Organizer selected. If the item is shown in RED the e-organizer was not successfully sent.

Source: Quickbooks Support Phone Number 

Your client will receive an email from Tax Organizer Administrator The email will contain a link to download their E-Organizer.  If they did not receive the E-Organizer email, have them check their junk mail folders. You can provide your clients the following article with instructions on how to open the E-Organizer, HOW21652 – Opening an E-Organizer Sent from a Tax Preparer.